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Online stores

Business Case - online stores

Our collaboration with e-commerce websites


We created stunning website design and made online store functional development for Tiara Blue, an exclusively online modern low prices jewelry boutique.

Client | Project aim | Tasks performed | Result


We created simple and classic user-friendly online store design and did functional development for AAA State of Play, playground and parks equipment distributor.

Client | Project aim | Tasks performed | Result


We developed marvelous website for Soul Wear, a brand new domestic company that produces and sells custom design clothing for women in Boho style.

Client | Project aim | Tasks performed | Result



Tiara Blue - an exclusively online modern jewelry boutique from Australia. It’s a high fashion at the low price.

Project aim:

  1. To create a brand new website with ethereal design that attracts target audience.
  2. To develop an adaptive mobile version of the site and attract new users.


Tasks performed

The first version of the website served as the basis for the new one. It had a number of disadvantages starting from the logo and ending with faulty filters buttons and poor quality HTML coding.

Our first task was to develop professional website design. We decided to bring some subtle sophistication because it's a jewelry boutique. At the same time we wanted to show that such luxury is attainable for a wide range of consumers.

The development was performed in two directions:

The first one was the design which in its turn was subdivided into three stages:

1. The first stage was the home page design. We designed a home page for Tiara Blue that really attracts visitors and represents assortment in a bright and vivid way. That is why when you entering the website - the first thing you see is a broad and bright slider with beautiful banners on it. You see large jewelries - how they shine and sparkle and you want them. That was the point.

Further, you see the menu splitted into the separate goods categories. All the rest pages such as "about the company", "contacts" and so on are pulled in the basement to prevent visitors from losing the gist.

2. The second stage was the category page design. It is designed in succession with the home page and all the elements of the design attract the user's attention to products. A few words about the filters functional development. We created new product categories, made filter on the base of the product price (using roller), and also we made it possible to show only those products which categories are selected. With this the site got an easy to use catalog and became more user friendly.


3. The last stage was the product page design. Large products photos, simple and clear product description and a couple of buttons calling to action - that’s the key to success of any product page.



We chose Magento as the content management system for this e-commerce website. Apart from filters we made the site responsive. Currently, it is able to work with any devices - smartphones with narrow screens, tablets and widescreen PC.


The Tiara Blue company got fine and attractive website highly appreciated by many customers. And we got the reliable partner.


“Design Russia are true professionals who are at the top of their game! Very good communication, attention to detail and friendly. The interpretation of what we wanted was spot on. Will continue to use Design Russia.”



AAA State of Play is a USA online store provider of playground and park equipment.

Project aim:

Development of convenient and user-friendly online store.

Tasks performed

A few words about the website design and commodities. The goods that displayed on the AAA State of Play website are not in a daily demand. These goods are large outdoor facilities, vast playgrounds, carousels, benches, fences and so on. Suсh commodities are not for mass consumption and the visitors of the site are not accidental. Consequently, the use of such tricks as price tags, large buttons and twinkling banners are limited. Depending on this fact, we did the design.  

Light shades neutral colors, clear lines, a few number of decorative elements - all this ruses are used to present goods properly without excessive information. Even the buttons that prompt the purchase are not made in bright red (as usual) but in orange which blends harmoniously into the overall concept and still does not distract from the mist - the goods as it is. No matter what page you are currently at, you will be supplied with colorful pictures of the goods. 

Our work started with the logo design as with many other our projects. Our client gave us the previous version of the logo that contained triple “A” letters and playing children.That was the basis for the new logo. We redesigned it and presented our version to the client. It goes without saying that he was satisfied. As for the design, we will possibly put a full stop at this point and get closer to the coding and functional development details. 

We put Magento as the content management system for the website development. As our coding fulfillment, we can name complex filtration system for categorical and product pages.

Adding to this intelligent and complicated search engine with pop-up tips to help finding the right product even if you are not properly named it.  

We developed complex order gap for the products that have either fixed price or an individual costing. No matter what product will be selected - the system automatically adjusts the order gap according its type. That makes the ordering process fast, userfriendly and easy.  

In addition to that the site has a standalone mobile version optimized for mobile and tablet users.  


The site with thousands of items that works quickly and holds a good position. We managed to create perfectly indexed resource which is easy to operate for customers as well as for the owner.  


A brand new company Soul Wear that produces and sells hand-crafted custom design clothing for women. 

Project aim:

To design a website for the brand that wasn't exist before. This site supposed to represent the unique and fine quality clothes for women who are eager to rebel against melancholy depression and wistfulness. 


Tasks performed

In the beginning was the Word. In our case, there was nothing but the idea. The idea to create a site for positive, creative people who want to be unique. That is why the project started with the logo design. In this respect capital letters S&W were taken as the foundation of everything. A special font was designed for the monogram that makes an allusion of luxury and beau monde style.  

After the logo was done, we proceed with the design. The main idea was to display the brand brightly in an eye-catching manner. The site has upright setup. Such design solution helped to immerse visitors in a story about the Soul Wear universe.

The quantity of items is limited in number - there are about dozen of products. For the menu and the buttons we used such neutral colors as white black and gold. These colors are highly acclaimed by the fashion industry thus visitor`s attention is nailed to the products instantly. Flashy photos of models dresses and accessories placed on the white background enhance the contrast.  

Technically this site is responsive and looks fine with smartphones and tablets as it appeals to modern and active e-resources users.


We managed to design the website which is perceived as a single story and at the first sight introduces visitors the products. The site we designed turned out to be non-conform online store soulful and hand-crafted. Only brightness only uniqueness! ;)