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Internet Marketing in Russia

Opening the Internet door of Opportunity with DesignRussia 

Russia is the largest country in the world with a population of about 142 million people and is regarded as a world super-power. With approximately 75% of their economy having been privatized the door is open for you to expand and profit from web marketing!
However, the first questions you could ask probably relates to living in Russia and how to communicate if you do not speak the language but, this is not an issue! From the start of your Russian experience, you will receive help from DesignRussia in marketing your product, who communicate in English and have inherent aspects of the Western business mindset.

Some primary considerations

Generally, the methods used in online marketing in Russia are comparableto other countries; with search engines, social media and Pay per Click (PPC) options. However, Google is not the search engine most used and Facebook is also not fashionable but, is an excellent substitute.
It is possible for a foreign business to save a lot of time and frustration when entering web marketing in Russia, by first establishing a presence in the market place, utilising the services of a local entity, such as DesignRussia. We are able to combine our English language and general communication abilities, with the experience gained from living in Russia and understanding the characteristics and needs of the consumers.
Examples of the various hurdles found in conducting online marketing in Russia include negotiating the most widely used, the Russian language search engine. Then it is a case of becoming familiar with the Yandex contextual advertising system, again designed solely for the Russian Internet.

A vast potential

According to the business community in the West, Russia has a hidden and vast potential. The enormous potential traffic volume for Internet marketing is shown by a recent study, conducted by the Public Opinion Foundation. The results were published in RIA Novosti in March with statistics based on a series of weekly surveys involving 30,000 participants. The study revealed that 43% of all adult Russians go online every day and furthermore, indicated that Brazil and China have a lesser population Internet usage.
Invest-caf? analyst, Ekaterina Kondrahhova, revealed that it is only recently that web marketing in Russia became popular. This has been shown by a record e-commerce turnover in 2012 of $9 billion; an increase of 72% from the previous year, with annual growth expected to achieve a minimum of 20% until 2017.

The web marketing solution in Russia

A primary area of concern for foreign business representatives has revolved around communication and the fact that most marketing and product related information must be in Russian. DesignRussia has the solution for you, by providing guidance and representing you in all aspects of your business and online marketing.
We can provide the expertise and knowledge that helps you establish web marketing in Russia and how business is conducted, with its culture and etiquette. Our full understanding of the Russian lifestyle and support will provide you with the ability to take advantage of the various communication styles of the country, including meetings and leadership techniques.

DesignRussia can help make your route through the intricacies of Russian business practice much easier and significantly more productive!