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Novgorodnefteprodukt Со Ltd - the project of the 2006

The case describes the series of projects completed for Novgorodnefteprodukt Со Ltd 

The Client
The Main Aim of the project
Interesting facts about the project
The Result
The List of performed tasks


The Client:





The Novgorodnefteprodukt Со Ltd. is a supplier company that deals with petroleum products. The leader of the Novgorodian Oblast according to the wholesale trade rate of petroleum products.

Their official website is 

The Novgorodian company Novgorodnefteprodukt Со Ltd belongs to the Surgutneftegas JSC, one of the leading petrolium companies in our country established in 1969.

Novgorodnefteprodukt Со Ltd contains:

  • 4 Oil Depots
  • 5 Gas Filling Station
  • 35 Customer service stations sharing household gas cylinders
  • 54 Fuel Filling Stations
  • 786 Employees


The main aim of the project:

We were working as an intelligent creator on a group of projects joined together by a common conception. On the one hand we were supposed to create the essential set of web development and business tools, beginning with discount cards and finishing with a rather complicated website. On the other hand we were tasked to set the highest standards of quality for the company for the future.

Interesting aspects of the project:

Our cooperation with the Novgorodnefteprodukt Со Ltd was significant from the point of view of its broad horizons:

  • The work was performed in different directions and every branch was completed successfully.
    • We created the corporate website which still looks great though it was completed in 2006;
    • We designed electronic cards and discount cards for the company which were circulating for a several years and were used as the basis for the design of new ones;
    • Our team did the designing of flyers, brochures and other informational materials which served the goal of spreading and maintaining a unified corporate identity;
    • Another our merit is the development of an interesting flash card which makes it is possible quickly to see the location of tank farms, gas stations and fuel stations.
  • The website we developed for the company was enhanced by it`s own payment system and security system peculiar for such huge companies.
  • In other words we pushed the company forward and revealed it to the world.

The Result:

Our main goal to create all the needed printed materials and website was not the only one. Moreover our key task was to develop brand book for the company. It served the purpose of launching and promoting of the company. The brand book that we developed for the Novgorodnefteprodukt Со Ltd. is still in use.



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The development team:

Sushchenko Sergey - project management.
Yuri Davydov - legal support of the project.
Davydov Constantine - design, layout and visual formatting.
Alexei Mikhailov - programming, maintenance of the server hardware.

We are proud of our work.

Thank you for your attention!