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Petrobaltaudit Со Ltd.

Yuri Davydov 23rd February, 2014

In the early 2014 I completed the  “Petrobaltaudit" Со Ltd auditing.

It is quite a big company which specializes in training and certification of accountants. Up to this moment I had no idea of how complex and varied this sphere is. The huge amount of information confused me at the start. And that is why the project was difficult and remarkable at the same time. I turned this chaos into a simple clear and pregmatic conclusion at the end, but due to confidentiality - the information and almost all the findings can not be disclosed.

Nevertheless, some things might be intresting for you.


The team:


Yuri Davydov - project management.

Oleg Frolov - the main page mockup design.

Konstantin Davydov - design consultation and auditing.

Pischanetsky Sergey - functional development auditing.

Goals, Objectives, Results and a little bit of everything.

The challenge.

Our dear client described his willings in the following way: "Our site is a mess! We need to reorganize the content in the way interesting for users." Later, after some considerations I described the problem as a substantial amount of data duplicates. What generally corresponds to the original felicitous definition "simply the mess". Because of the enormous amount of very specific information I recommend the client to pick out analytical work in a separate stage. As the consequence the client got a clear and usable information organization system applied to the site. I suggested to verify the system effectiveness according to the following criterias:

1. It must be userfriendly and increase the number of clients browsing.
2. It must be adaptable to any future changes. 

Our dear client agreed with my arguments and we signed the contract. The contract was fulfilled successfully.

According to the information analysis I drafted an analytical note.

The wide range of information collected and analyzed was remarkable.

Omitting the details it contained:

1. Professionally built analytical notes on design, programming and SEO aspects.
2. Generalizing introductory mini-courses on various aspects such as accounting systems certification, self-organization, accountants and auditors training and licensing systems, accounting and auditing services market licensing. Mostly this information was kindly explained to me by the manager of the client.
3. Comparative analysis of the other websites related to the industry.
4. A considerable amount of mixed Yandex.Metrica data applied to the site many years ago by the client himself.

I made the final and united analytical note which contained following items:

1. The market analysis within the industry (in terms of representation on the Internet).
2. The portrait of a typical site visitor.
3. The income analysis according to the business activity branches. Within the permissible of course.
4. The information ranking system (what is more and less important). Possible ways to adopt and change the system in future.
5. The mockups for the main and key pages.

It is important to tell that the development of an elegant and practical solution based on such a confusing information mass was a real pleasure to me. As such activity requires a racy analytical skill the most of work in this case had been upon me. That is why such work is estimated 2 to 3 times higher than any other. Actually that is the fair payment rate for a good business advice from a real professional with years of experience. I should say that it is not quite likely for me to spare 20-30 hours on this work beyond my chief executive officer duties, so even in such conditions we can’t do such work too often. But from time to time I will gladly perform it.

In some way I'm just like Sherlock Holmes - always ready to take the most interesting cases.

I can not show you visual illustrations because of privacy terms, but if you are interested in such service, our managers will provide you all the necessary information for business decision-making.

At this point I take a bow. Live long and prosper!