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How much should web design cost?

The lowest priced web design firms charge as little as a few hundred dollars for entire website designs. In contrast, the most expensive design companies can charge hundreds of thousands of dollars for a simple logo. The reason for this dramatically large price disparity is simple - the quality of web design is reliant on more than just the cost. An ideal design firm has a proven track record, authority in the industry, and extremely high quality services.

While someone with a small hobby website might consider outsourcing design services on the cheap, an executive at a Fortune 500 company will definitely want to pay a lot more for an experienced, proven firm. There is entirely too much for a large corporation to lose by having a poorly designed website, so fooling around with anything but the best is not an option for these giant businesses.

As a small or medium sized business, however, you need to find the middle ground between these two extremes, but beware. Being too frugal with your website's design and outsourcing an unreliable company will cost more in the long run than paying more for a more reliable and higher quality web firm, like Design Russia.

Your company's image

When someone browsing the internet happens to stumble upon your company's website, the first thing they will do is subconsciously analyze the design of it. At a glance, most people will form assumptions about the quality of your company and its services or products based off of the website's appearance. Because of this, if you run a business that relies on getting customers via the internet, you need to be extra concerned with your company's image on the web - having a shoddily designed website can cost you valuable business!

In order to ensure that your company's image is both compelling and professional, you need to have a well designed website. By going with smaller, unproven web design firms, you are gambling with your company's image - you could receive poor quality design services. The best way to guarantee that customers will not turn away before they get their credit card out is to hire an established, well known design firm that is fully prepared to ensure your satisfaction.

How are design services like automobiles?

In some ways, the web design industry is a bit like the automobile industry. You can go out to any used automobile dealer, and with very little effort, purchase a used car for a couple of thousand dollars. The car will run, but more often that not, the vehicle will soon fall apart - and the dealership will offer little to no help.

If you had gone to a manufacturer dealership and purchased a new car, however, you would not only be buying a much more reliable product, but you would be purchasing the peace of mind associated with having a manufacturer's warranty. If the car does happen to break down, the dealership will repair the car and handle any associated inconveniences promptly.

This is analogous to the web design industry, as going with the companies that offer the lowest prices is just like buying a cheap used car. The website might function properly and look acceptable, but chances are it was made using an outdated template - something that is far from unique. In addition to that, you will receive little to no support if something does go awry.

The bottom line

Even the smallest of start ups can meet web design goals on a small budget. The most costly web design services are purchased by huge corporations, government agencies, and various other organizations - most small to medium sized businesses can get by with a much more affordable rate. For smaller businesses, the ideal web design firms are trustworthy, have dependable support, and most importantly offer an excellent, proven design team.

The bottom line is that the best thing you can do for your company's future is to resist the temptation to go with the cheapest design options available - quality web design requires a wide variety of professional skills, something the cheapest firms will not possess. By ponying up a little more capital today, you not only get a higher quality product, but down the line you will save yourself time, headaches, and most importantly money.