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Why does web design matter?

When you really think about it, a website is a bit like a suit. Even though you can pay thousands of dollars for a high end suit in an attempt to appear professional, if the suit is the wrong color or size, your efforts will be in vain and you will appear foolish and unprofessional.


Similarly, paying top dollar for web design will mean nothing if that design is unattractive or difficult to use. If your website is ugly or unintuitive, prospective customers and readers alike will take one look before deeming your site untrustworthy. Naturally, if you expect to make sales via your website, this works directly against your efforts.



Prefabricated templates

In the web design industry, a template is a cookie cutter design that exists solely to be used by multiple websites. Because of this, templates are dime a dozen, and millions of free templates can be found with a few Google searches. As a concept, design templates are great - they allow businesses and individuals with very low budgets to obtain a relatively professional looking website, but there are a few problems with them.



Shady web design practices using templates

One of the major issues in the web design industry is the fact that there are many design firms that pass templates off as original work. If  you just paid thousands of dollars for an original design, how would you feel if you saw your website's exact same layout on several other sites? Tweaking a template requires virtually no knowledge, effort, or time, so the idea of paying a company for web design when they pedal off templates as original work is preposterous.



Being distinctive is important

On the internet, your business's image is everything. Often times, the only indication someone has that your business even exists is a logo or banner, so prioritizing web design is crucial when establishing a brand . In order to truly set yourself apart from the competition, you need to do business with a web design firm that offers authentic, original designs. Outsourcing an unknown company will undoubtedly yield an old, rehashed design - something that actively hurts your company's image.



Design Russia original design solutions

At Design Russia, we put integrity and quality first. We custom build your website's design from the ground up, and always favor innovation over a dated design. We staff a wide variety of professionals who take pride in what they do - establishing your business as a truly unique and distinct entity on the internet. Whether you want a simple logo, a few graphics, or an entire website designed, Design Russia will take care of you from start to finish.