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A businessman Nicolas Breedlove and his family e-commerce enterprise.

Case result:

Project information and goals

Our relationship with Nicolas began in 2011 with the implementation of his third online store. In 2012 we also took over the development of the "AAA State Of Play" store. The aim was to improve the design and aesthetics of the website, as well as add some functionality to it.

Development history

In 2012 we added a blog page and a mobile version, adapting the website to the trends and adding the functionality to get a better user experience. We also improved categories to serve the same purpose and made them more precise and expressive.

AAA State Of Play redesign highlights:
- The AAA logo was made more concise and expressive;
- The new corporate style consisting of bright and colorful round shapes;
- The store was redesigned in the style of a playground;
- The categories on the site were changed to be more precise and descriptive;
- The product feature block was added, highlighting the best-selling or featured products

Those changes were welcomed by the customers of the website and were used extensively as inspiration for the next iteration of the design.

This iteration was completed in 2013, combining the experience of the last year and new trends in web design. The new design of the store was deliberately moved away from bright price tags, large buttons and calls to action and focused on the minimalistic aesthetics, delivering an even better focus on the products and detailed product descriptions.

In 2014 we adopted a number of crucial design decisions, many of which are still being used today. That year web trends in the e-commerce segment and new SEO recommendations made it necessary to move websites from the SaaS platform to the specialized CMS software. The “AAA State of Play” in particular, was moved to the Magento platform.

The "AAA State Of Play" store also received several usability improvements, such as:
- The intuitive search bar accessible from any page of the site
- The dynamic menu background
- The advanced filter system



The website has a long history of updates, evolving like a living being would. In the end, if you invest enough time and plan your strategy right, you get a website that’s optimized as well as it could be for the task it’s designed for. The results speak for themselves, the website is more popular as it ever was and new functionality helped new clients to get exactly the product they wanted.


Development team

Konstantin Davydov - design, front-end HTML / CSS / JS responsive coding, themes development

Sergey Pischanetskiy – web security, server administration, magento/bigcommerce/opencart development, programmimg and optimization

Alexey Shalyony - general supervision

Yury Davydov - legal support



Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator

HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript

PHP / MySQL / Magento CMS

BigCommerce SaaS


We are proud of our job!