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The Germerott Bienentechnik GmbH is both on-line and off-line store that offers wide range of products for bee keeping industry. The store is based in the city of Hildesheim, Germany, but the store customers are spread throughout Europe.

Website URL -

The Starting Point

Our client had a dated, poorly looking, magento driven German language website with confusing catalogue.

Project Goal

To design and develop a contemporary web store to meet the needs of international customers. The goal should have been archieved on a tight budget.

The Plan

We presumed the above stated goal can be achieved by accomplishing the following objectives:

  • Logo restyling.
  • Using Magento as a base platform for development.
  • Customization of ready-made Magento theme (we found only this approach to be possible within the client budget).
  • Employing responsive design.
  • Revision of catalog structure together with our client.
  • Creating a special wholesale customers groups with their terms, shipping rules, prices.
  • Developing a complicated shipping calculation based on countries of customers residence, customer types and product weight.
  • Multi language integration.
  • Incorporation of Mandril mail server.
  • Teaching our client to work with the site, preparing manuals and tutorials.

Achieved result

Up-to-date, well-designed e-commerce website with a coherent product catalog. Internetional customers feel comfortable on the site since it "speaks" their language, works well on all screen resolutions and has flexible pricing and shipping terms.

How the project was going

During the first stage we finalized the choice of the theme for future customization, developed a new catalog structure and customization “to do list” with the help of our client. The next step was logo restyling and finding the main fonts and colors for the site. The biggest project stage was actual theme customization. You can see the result of this work by comparing the initial theme with the final look of the site.

The last portion of programming work included customer types, shipping and special pricing for wholesale customers.

The project ended up with teaching and consulting of our client to work with the sute.

Development team

Konstantin Davydov - design, theme customization.

Sergey Pischanetskiy - magento development.

Alex Shalyonny - project management.

You can meet us at our site.


Adobe Photoshop CC

HTML5 /CSS 3 / JS responsive coding

Magento, zend framework