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Make Your Website Accessible and ADA Compliant!

Ada Compliance Grafics

ADA is the acronym for the Americans with Disabilities Act. When most people today think of the adoption of the ADA, they picture only the most conspicuous results of the law: wheelchair ramps.

And what about the World Wide Web?

With modern screen readers, voice search, and other hardware and software solutions, the internet is more accessible than ever now. Our agency follows the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.1.) to help our customers get their websites ADA compliant.

We recommend having the accessibility testing tools performed on your site, along with periodic re-checks. These could be as often as once a quarter if your site changes frequently or has a significant number of product pages.

It's worth noting that about half of all accessibility lawsuits are brought against e-commerce sites. Think of accessibility as another level of optimizing for the best user experience!

If you are expecting to build a website for your business or your site is non-compliant, don’t panic. Keep cool and contact us!