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Merry Christmas, and let's get ready for 2019!

The holiday season is here, and here at DesignRussia, we wish you only the best! Let your Christmas and New Year celebrations turn out magical!

Happy New Year!

While this might not be a very peaceful one for store owners, you can still get a treat!

2 most popular CMS, WordPress, and Magento have each released a major update, focused on making your website faster, safer, easier to maintain and giving you new functionality out of the box.

A big highlight of both Magento 2.3 and Wordpress 5.0 are page builders that allow site owners to have more control over the content and how it's structured on the website.  With a little bit of effort, you could even change the design of some of the site elements on your own.

So, if you want to get your site ready for the new year while minimizing the impact and downtime, drop us a note!

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