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Some words on freelance…

We’ve dug into the statistics on freelancers in different countries, including Russia. And here are some interesting facts:

  1. About 40% of independent workers consider themselves as freelancers.
  2. Most of them work at home.
  3. Most of freelancers work in marketing and PR, arts and entertainment and jurisprudence. IT and Internet are only on the 4th place. That was the fact that surprised us!


But there are some figures that you can’t find in official statistics. How many freelancers are responsible? How many of them are able to meet deadlines and to maintain an effective ongoing communication with a client?

We know the answer. Not more than 10 %. That’s what our experience as an agency says. That’s why, during more that 10-year work as a team we have tried dozens of freelancers, with most of them we don’t work anymore. And now we have a dream team of in-house specialists and of ideal freelancers that are effective, trustworthy and professional. Would you like to try us?

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