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Laravel 6 release!

Just a few hours ago, Laravel 6 have been released, along with it's companion product, Laravel Vapor. Here's why it's big deal.

Laravel 6 Logo

  1. It's easier to debug, which saves us time and money, thanks to a new "Ignition" exception page
  2. It's easier to work with and build whatever you need. Thanks to a plethora of fixes and ways to streamline our code, making your dreams with Laravel much closer to reality
  3. It uses a less server resources
  4. UI is now easier to iterate on. It's now a little more distanced from the primary framework
  5. It's a brand new LTS release, supported with security fixes until 2022

Now, what is Vapor?

To put it short, it an automatically scaling hosting made specifically for Laravel projects. Powered by Amazon, it's reliable and robust. Launch once, and they take care of backups, caching and scaling for you, freeing up more time for the team to work on actual features and squishing bugs.

If you have a big idea for a web, mobile or hybrid app, there's very little our there that would be better suited for it. Whether it's a marketplace, ride hailing app or something new we'll all use in a few years, you can get it done with Laravel.

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