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Magento 1 is fading away

As announced by Magento, Magento 1.X CE and Enterprise are entering their sunset as Magento 2 feature set, plugin library and stability grows. That doesn't mean there's a reason for panic, but your website will only be safe until 2020.



Which means that right here and now is a perfect time to plan a tech upgrade, or maybe even a full redesign. My team would be happy to help you to plan an upgrade, technical or conceptual.


 If your design works fine - we can maintain the same look, down to every little detail. If it doesn't - we would love to work with you to create a more appealing design and bring your website to new heights.


We have worked with Magento 2 for quite a while, going as far as submitting bug fixes to the Magento 2 itself. And we have a proven case for upgrading the website. Take a look!


If you want to learn more, please reach out to us using a contact form, or directly via our email,