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Cranking up our performance with NodeJS

We keep expanding our toolset, and this time, it's a darling of programmers worldwide, NodeJS.

One of the fastest growing platforms as of late, and with performance to power anything from a simple website to a new eBay or YouTube.

NodeJS logo

It's favored, among many things,  for a simple fact that it uses the same language for client and server-side code, which in turns can save time on development, using parts of the same code for both.  The likes of PayPal, LinkedIn, eBay and Uber all use Node either as their main driver or as a backend for their mobile apps.

Which is another point, Node is very friendly to making a backend for a mobile or a web app, and it can be easily used to first develop a web application, and then move on to the dedicated mobile app if there is enough interest.

At this time, we're working on a project involving high-performance video streaming and incorporating a few really interesting features in it that we can't divulge on yet.

We can combine this tech with our beautiful designs and power almost anything you can imagine.


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