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New skills with NodeJS

A few months back, we announced that we started working with NodeJS, and now we have something to hold up to that claim. While we're still under NDA, I can share a few details.

NodeJS logo

We worked on a video hosting platform, involving an innovative AdBlock protection and use of ad targeting. The project was based on NodeJS and required complex server setup, considering server load, admin interface usability, and the core features.

As a part of this project also achieved to optimize streaming playback on different devices and successfully implemented the AdBlock protection on both the player and server sides.

This experience could translate not just into another video hosting, but also video calling services, banner networks, or other advertisement projects.Are you gearing up to make something disruptive, groundbreaking? Does that something need video streaming, calls, or other complex interactions? Then CLICK HERE to contact us for a consultation or proposal request.