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How do you get an app up for cheap?

A short while ago, if you wanted an app for your online store, for your small service business or for your employees, you were limited to 2 choices. Either foot the bill for a native development or compromise by building a multi-platform app.

Now, a third option is mature enough for production use on Android and iOS. This technology was envision by Steve Jobs with the release of the very first iPhone, and with the help of Google and legacy of now-defunct Firefox OS, it's finally here in a really good shape. Using this technology, apps are both easier to make, and it also serves as a primary app delivery method for Google's new OS (KaiOS) targeted at emerging markets in developing countries.

Here's how it can work in practice. For example, if you have a Magento store running Magento 2.3+, it can start to behave like a fully featured phone app with minimal amount of development work. This can even help the site work on a very bad connection, where a normal web store would struggle. A lot of other store platforms are adding a framework to launch a store-specific PWA (Progressive Web App) as well.

And obviously, we can also build a PWA from the ground up as well. It would be cheaper than standard multi-platform app because we reuse the a lot of the same tech stack we used for normal web apps, and would also have a perfectly working normal web app for desktops as a bonus.

The only downside is access to graphics chips is still limited, so making complex games or complex 3d visualizations is probably best left to traditional methods.

We can get your dream app up and running on every platform, and reach a much broader audience with little overhead. Want yours made?