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The best platforms for your website.

We have researched what are the most popular ecommerce and blogging platforms. And we’ve found out an interesting fact - most resources are unanimous on ecommerce platforms, but opinions are very different when it comes to blogs.

Why so? Maybe that’s because requirements for the ecommerce functionality are more or less the same for business owners, and bloggers, being so different and creative in their activities, need a wider range of different features. The only CMS is always on top – WordPress.

So, here are top-4 of the ecommerce platforms:

  1. 1. Shopify
  2. 2. BigCommerce
  3. 3. Magento
  4. 4. WooCommerce

And just a list of most frequently used blogging platforms: WordPress, Wix, Medium, Blogger, Squarespace. There is a dozen more, including social media. And, if you are a blogger, you have a great choice, just don’t get lost!

If you are thinking of building a website for your business or for your blog, our agency will help you choose YOUR best variant. It’s easy, just contact us: