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WordPress - the magic of site-building

One question we get asked over and over again is “How long will it take to make my website?” Well, let's make that clear.

Let’s take a WordPress website as an example, as it’s the most common platform for sites today. There are two ways to we can do it. We can take an existing design, a template, and edit it to fit your vision, or we can do a unique tailor-made design and work with that. If we go for a ready-made theme site, then it’s cheaper and faster to make. Moreover, platforms like Themeforest offer many choices for designs. Easy decision?

It is if you need a website that’s decent enough to test the idea. However, if it’s representing your existing brand, or you want to do everything possible to make sure the users stay, time spent on a bespoke design will pay off substantially.

So, you decided to build a wonderful customized site. Congrats! Let us show you the magic of site-building and make some simple calculations.

Getting started!

We will want to know your goal and vision for the website, understand your expectations towards design and function, and learn as much as we need about specifics of your business. Usually, we do a competitor search as well, looking at what they do and most importantly, why.

This step usually takes us less than a week, and we don't charge for it.


We determine the exact requirements, functionality and the structure of the site. Moreover, we also make a clickable prototype - a model of your site. If you love it - we move on to creating a design.

This step is crucial for a bespoke website, especially if you need advanced functionality or impeccable UI. It usually takes us about a week, plus the time for processing your feedback. Templated sites typically don't need this.

UI design

The most creative part of our job - designing! We’ll provide you with 3-4 samples of the main page design so you can choose the one you like best. Sometimes it will be necessary to make some changes (if you’d love to add, remove, or change some details). Other pages would be based on that design and share a few common elements.

The time it takes us depends on the size of the website. We can do a typical 5-7 unique page website in 1.5-2 weeks plus time to process your feedback. If we use a template, we'll need much less time though.

Front-end code

HTML/CSS/JS code. This stage is where the computer magic begins, and we implement the designs in code. We teach the design to adapt to the device. You would be able to click through pages like on a normal website, either on desktop or mobile, sans the functionality like login, cart, and other interactive features.

We typically need about two weeks for it. Size matters of course and large websites can take double that or more. If we use a template - this is already done by the team that made it.

Custom template and backend code

The last step, this is where it all comes together. We break down the front-end code into parts and implement it using the WordPress template engine. Our WordPress guys will animate mockups, make the sliders work, set up the storefront and make sure that login page leads where it's supposed to. Some of the functionality is commonly implemented using third-party plugins, but not all of them are created equal. Some are easy to pop in and set up, but some will need a little coercing.

Probably the hardest part to tell. From a week to months on month. Typically, about 2-3 weeks. Also, this step is where websites based on a template lose time, taking 1-2 weeks over that.

Now it’s time to test and roll out!

We do test what we do while we develop, but sometimes we miss a few tricky interactions or sneaky issues. We take a week to go over everything, make sure we don't embarrass anyone and then either copy the result to your hosting or do a domain switch.

A unique, well researched and tested website is out in 8 weeks, or roughly two months. That is an average, and sometimes, we hit the designs right out of the park and can do it quicker, but we would much rather surprise than disappoint.

If we work with a template or a design you provide, we skip a few steps and can do it in under a month.

If you still can’t make up your mind about what your idea needs, let's have a look at some of the sites we’ve done so far.

Fully custom websites from scratch:

Websites with a ready-made WP theme:

We can get your dream website up and running in the way you want.